Tuesday, 21 April 2009


I know, I know; I said I'd be updating much more regularly, but have completely failed to do so; further apologies to all.

The project is going well so far and I have had a great response to it. I will be replying to all the emails I have received over the next few days. I've been on a couple of dates so far, which have been nice and have also entered the murky world of internet dating, which is proving fruitful.

Though I've met some great people, I am not sure that I'm any closer to meeting my future husband and think that I may have undertaken a far too a large task! Regardless, I will continue to try to find that special someone in the next six weeks.

As always, please send any feedback, suggestions, possible blind date candidates etc to joyfulcynic@googlemail.com

PS. My Facebook account has been disabled, so if anyone has tried to contact me via that, apologies, but the bastards think that I'm some sort of robot spammer/hacker and so I'm not sure I have a Facebook account anymore...great!

1 comment:

  1. Where will we find your moustachepictures now without no Facebook!?

    The best with the search, hope 6 weeks are enough!