Monday, 11 May 2009


I know that when I started out, I promised to update this regularly and reply personally to each and every individual email that I was sent, which I will do in due course - honest!

The project has gone really well and I've met some excellent people, both in person an over teh interwebs, though unfortunately it looks like there isn't going to be a wedding before my June 6th deadline. I have narrowed my shortlist down, however the three men on it are all indisposed for various reasons.

I have also taken up internet dating, which has been good so far - not met anyone who was too weird (if anything they've been too normal, but maybe that's just a reflection of my personality rather than theirs) but I've also unfortunately not met anyone suitable for marriage through it.

This for me is going to be an ongoing project and I will continue searching and updating this with my progress.

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