Friday, 27 February 2009


Thanks very much for the feedback, comments and emails I've had thus far - keep them coming and add me on Facebook - I'm lurking there under Alex Humphreys - if you want/you're into Facebook stalking etc

(Yes; I am wearing a handmade beard costume in that picture)


  1. Cant find u on facebook! 2 many alex stuffs..... no tash's tho. I'm James Lewis from cardiff. nice 2 mt u. v drunk...... rugby etc free bar etc. take care....

  2. There's a lot of you on Facebook...

  3. You need to provide a link you your facebook as there are other people that have your name.

    Anyway, are you going to document your progress? you could end up meeting some interesting people.

  4. Nice work - I'll be watching with an appropriate level of interest from afar. Just a notch or two below Facebook stalking if that's ok with you? It just seems like a lot of effort.

    Sitting, moustaches and beer are ace, aren't they? I used to have a moustache, and frankly I miss it.

    But Supermarket Sweep?! Oh, Alex, there could have been something wonderful, beautiful, dare I say magical between the two of us... Please keep us updated, just in case you change your mind and forever renounce the ways of the Winton.

    Good luck!

    P.S: You're hot.

  5. This picture is all kinds of awesome by the way.