Thursday, 26 February 2009


And finally...feel free to send any criticisms, witticisms, queries, feedback etc to


  1. How refreshing, finally someone wants to get married for a valid reason.

    I wish you all the luck in your project, although I am probably not marriage material.

    But I am the first post, so how sweet would it be if it ended up being me!

  2. i'm already hitched and that, but thanks for asking.

  3. I think that this is a great idea! I saw your link on the b3ta newsletter and I'm now a follower. Can't wait to see how it turns out, and the final project! :)

  4. Have you considered marrying a non-EU national? He gets a residency visa, you get a husband, everybody's happy.


  6. Well - I'm 6 2 - male - sense of humour? - that's up to you...
    Did you ask your flat mate permission for her pic (!) ?
    Does you need some clothes?
    If not a husband - can I be your cat?

  7. do you think you could draw us a picture of your ideal or "Dream" husband please?

    ... oh, thinking about it, thats been done. But then as the song goes: its all been done.

  8. How tall is tall enough?

    Im 5' 7.

    Im have a B3ta sense of humor.

    I dont beleive in marriage or intend to get married for the traditional reasons so you wouldnt be getting in the way of anything.


    p.s How important is that Spelling/Grammer thing?

  9. Fuck it. I've got nothing else planned.
    183cm 22 year old electronics technician currently working for Her Majesty Das Queen. Wierd sense of humor apparently, although I think I'm funny. I once dressed up as a cloud by covering myself from head to toe in cotton wool and then got set on fire. It was crazy. Today I pretended to staple a piece of paper to my forhead in front of my boss, an important army guy (I learned the trick from a magazine). I think he saw the funny side. If that's not enough to warrant a marriage proposal then I give up. I also read a book once. Also, I know a shop that sells cat food and I see you have a cat, so if you're interested in learning my secrets then choose contestant number nine!
    ps. my grammer an spellin r v. good.

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  11. Excellent!! I intend to woo you and your cat, just see if I don't.

    To prove my worthiness I intend to grow a moustache of positively Victorian proportions, whilst simultaneously cycling round the globe in less than 80 days on a penny farthing wearing nothing but a wet look posing pouch and a nipple clamp.

    I am already 6 feet in height and so feel I adequately meet your height condition (I can get another couple of inches by standing on my toes if you require a bit more). I love sitting around as well, it is as if we were made for each other. I also excel at lying down and slouching.

    I can offer your an Australian passport as well as I have managed to pick up citizenship on my travels. I aim to collect a passport from a country starting with each letter of the alphabet and you can join me on this pointless yet exciting quest. If we end up struggling around 'X' then I propose we found our own nation and then naturally we will become King and Queen of said land which I am sure will come with some sort of interesting perks.

    My only qualm is that I am technically allergic to cats. I do like them very much however, therefore I propose that we either shave your cat or else I can hold my breath whenever we are in the same room and I can just keep nipping out for the odd breath when necessary.

    Anyway if you would like any more details please feel free to let me know and I will be sure to try to make something more amusing than the truth up.

    Good luck in your quest for marriage. I can think of no better reason.


    PS Ooooh if you do choo choo choose me, can we go for a different kind of wedding. I kind of fancy getting married in a strange and memorable way. My friends recently were married by a black little person Elvis impersonator on the gallows at Old Melbourne Gaol. Something along those lines but more epic and strange Im thinking :)

  12. I think I'm in love with Warren.

  13. Hi, I'm married, have a four month old baby but i AM 5'9"!


  14. I just wanted to contact you on behalf of the short peoples liberation front, to ask you to consider someone short in the pursuit of your future husband. You will not look SILLY walking around with them unless you plan to carry them on your shoulders. Also, you are 23. When you are 80 and incontinent and papper your trollies without control, vanity will have ceased all meaning. You could argue that there's a lot of years between that time, but I have further bullet points:

    * Small people / less time for blood to flow round body. Bangcocks of enormous enragement. Tiny but rigid. I call mine the mosquito.
    * Small people look funny +50% just because they are like a cuter version of full size people. This is why Vern Troyer gets all the chicks and Nicholas Cage is actually very lonely behind his earnest, unblinking actor eyes.
    * You can trim their side of the bed down to fit in a an extra set of draws.
    * Little man complex. Even if you find a completely adjusted small man, who coincidentally has a shitty and explosive temper, it can always be attributed to insecurity. You can pigeon hole him for a greater sense of being. Every woman's dream amirite?
    * Clothes are perfect presents. You'll always be able to narrow down presents (perfect fit or clown pantaloons) After a decade of MC Hammer trousers and not touching this, he will be grateful.
    * Loyal, like a yapping feral chihuahua
    * Prefix the word 'fun' or 'happy' to him as it makes products instantly better. Happy Joe. Or Fun Steve. nb: do not confuse this philosophy with the word 'mini' it will end in tears. His.

  15. jees, you've really opened the floodgates to all the freaks, lol

    but good luck to you!

    "I pretended to staple a piece of paper to my forhead "

    "My only qualm is that I am technically allergic to cats. "

    "Bangcocks of enormous enragement. "


  16. In your interview, you suggested tax payers weren't paying for your 'toilet-paper' degree because you are paying fees.

    Are you really that ignorant!?!

    I wish my tax £££s were spent on more worthwhile causes than you and your coursemates.