Thursday, 26 February 2009

Honestly, I'm not mad...

Sorry, just to add:

Another avenue I am keen to explore is blind dating; do you know anyone who fulfils the following criteria and would be willing to date me?

1. Male
2. As tall or taller than me.
3. Sense of humour.

As you can see, I don't ask for much...Any help would be much appreciated!

N.B. Obviously no one is under an obligation to marry me and the idea of marriage may not even be mentioned if not applicable.


  1. Not to be too picky: people will probably be able to figure out 1 and 3 (of course!) by themselves, but might need some help with nr. 2 (unless you want to screen for stalkers and psychics)

  2. Any suggestion of how tall you are? Also, you fail to mention where you are at college :) If you're in manchester, having a blind date with someone from London would be a bit of a chore :D

  3. Interesting. you think that maybe she's trying to whittle the numbers down to those with a latent psychic ability i.e. being able to work out her hight with no frame of reference.
    That would be the 4th criteria then.

  4. There are other possible requirements other than being psychic:

    1. Having the ability to change their own height at will, perhaps surgically, or maybe through magic.

    2. Be able to alter her height, e.g. removing her feet, sections of leg, or several vertebrae, until requirements are fulfilled. Or through magic.

  5. "Size of a camel!".

    Or something.

  6. I'm definately 1 and 3, and if you're shorter than 5'9", then thats another.. :)

    I look like a short fat Max (from Phoenix nights) though, so that may be off putting..

  7. interesting "project" my dear, but you have many years ahead of you to concern yourself with snagging a guy.

  8. I would suggest you add:

    4. Single

    to your list of requirements. Otherwise, you may run into problems later on. Legal issues, enraged wives, those sorts of things. Just a thought.

    Good luck :)

  9. Joyful? sometimes. Cynic? almost always. I just hope you're for real and not some cunning ploy by long haired marketing executives in red braces to win awards for selling something in a new and unusual way.

    Like Schrödinger's cat, at this time I am both taller and at the same time shorter than you.

    Would you like to open the box? Perhaps list your height and invite comparisons to be made For the record I'm 5' 8" (that's 0.944 fathoms or approx. 1727mm)

    Personally I don't think Schrödinger ever tried his experiment for real. As a cat owner I know there is a third state: a loud scratching noise which indicates the cat is not happy at being there in the first place.

    Male? Yes, last time I looked.

    Sense of humour? I understand and find funny over 50% of the humo(u)r at

    Born in 1977, still not dead. I also own a moustache and play the accordion, but please don't hold that against me!

  10. This is quite amusing, sorry if it's not meant to be. To be honest, you're still young and attractive so I don't think you should be so desperate. But more to the point, what do you want to get married for? It's an old-fashioned concept that's not particularly necessary any more. Considering the divorce rate, it would have a good chance of ending then you'd have to go through all the legal shit to get it over with.

  11. Ben,

    Actually you would be 50% taller and 50% smaller if you were using the Schrödinger analogy.

    Just thought I would put myself completely out of the running by being incredibly anal.

  12. You never know Douglas, she might like anal.

    Well thats me out of the running too.