Thursday, 26 February 2009


Hello and welcome to my blog.

My name is Alex and I am a 23 year student in my final year at art college.

As part of my course we have to complete an FMP (Final Major Project)For mine, I have decided to do something a little bit different and ensure that I am remembered for years to come! I have chosen to focus on the subject of marriage and am going to attempt to find myself a potential husband over the next three months.

I plan to explore many avenues, including speed dating, arranged marriages and of course internet dating.

This is something I am really serious about and would love to be able to exhibit a marriage certificate in my final exhibition!

In the words of my housemate...

"Alex is unique to say the least. She's pretty funny, with a fairly dark sense of humour. When she wants something she gets it at any cost, or any number of strongly worded letters. She loves strongly worded letters. She has a very strong personality that's either really addictive or a bit intimidating, and is very caring towards the people she loves, but probably wouldn't let them know.

She puts chilli and garlic in everything she eats and goes a bit weird on coffee. She's my number one source for weird websites and articles and has a penchant for kitsch - particularly Jesus memorabilia. Her washing always smells good even though she has a cigarette in hand about 25-30% of the day, which is pretty weird.

The advice I'd give to potential candidates would be never to disturb her if she's reading the paper or watching The Hills and don't be surprised if you have to compete with the cat for affection.

Otherwise go for it. She's alright"

Er..and in my own words:

Hello, I enjoy sitting about, reading Jilly Cooper novels, fabulous moustaches, wearing hats, good spelling and grammar, nice typography, Charlie Brooker, b3ta and collecting novelty Jesus memorabilia. I love socialising with friends, going to the cinema, visiting the pub, travelling, reading and relaxing and enjoy films and walks in the park and all that jazz too.


  1. Go on then, I'm up for it. I'm 31 years old and reasonably tall. Live in Brighton and have a sick sense of humour.

  2. I'm also Jim, 6 foot 4 and 30 years old. I live in Portsmouth and have a sense of humour that varies between dead pan and silly.

    I have a girlfriend already but I though I'd just post just for the vague symmetry with the other Jim's post above.

  3. Good things about me:

    I like crisps.
    I have my own push bike.
    Baldness does not run in my family.
    I applied to be on Supermarket Sweep.
    I enjoy the ukelele stylings of Beirut.
    I play melodica.
    I think meerkats are a good animal.

    Bad things about me:

    I had a dog, but he died, and now I don't have a dog.
    I don't very much care for mushrooms.
    I am 22 (which is old)
    and I live in Derby.

    Also, hello I am James.

  4. Oh this is brilliant.
    It's just all about the Jims, aw yeah...

    Also, lady, you're going to get swamped by weird people I think.

    I am also not going to go bald. What about you Jim number 1?

    I had a girlfriend, but she died, although I have a girlfriend again.

    Mmmm, mushrooms.


  5. Hi Alex!

    I would be perfect for you. Really, really perfect.

    Except ...

    I'm already married. But I'm sure I could get a divorce through in time if you accept my proposal.

    And - erm, I am quite a bit older than you. Well a lot older actually. But with age comes experience and expertise. You'd like my expertise in so many things. Well, in one thing anyway.

    Oh - and I'm into BDSM. Do you like being tied up or spanked? If you haven't tried it - I promise it's really good fun. We can try whips and floggers and fetish gear and all sorts. You'll like it I promise.

    So what do you think?

    Am I in with a chance????

    Love and hugs (I like hugs)

    Beau xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  7. Hi. I'm possibly your best choice.

    I'm easy going. I like music. Play guitar and instruments and stuff. But I won't write you love songs that make you sick. Unless you want me to, then I'll try.

    Something else that makes me awesome is that I was once one Blue Peter. Though, I don't have a badge. I wrote to them asking for a badge, but they refused. THERE'S VIDEO EVIDENCE! And they still won't do it.

    Something that makes me crap is I'm a bit scared of the dark, so sometimes when I'm feeling a bit scared, we will need to fall asleep with a little bit of light in the room. But other than that. I'm lovely and quite cuddly. Not to sure I like The Hills, but I'll happily supply you with hugs and cuppas.

    Oh, I work at HMV too. So you'll get discount on shit! We don't really sell hats though. Sorry.

    Pick me.

  8. Oh is this like that movie?

    I've seen that movie like 10 times so I'm probably the best candidate - although I won't get a nose job.

  9. I hope we're not talking about the movie Audition here...

  10. Hi!

    I too am called jim / James... so I thought i'd submit too because James is a great name and I want to increase the chances of, if not me then at least one James being chosen by you...

    I'm 22 and 5ft 11, though i tread on gum as much as possible in hopes of raising my hight by that magical extra inch... (this is a lie)

    I wont give you reasons why i am awesome and worthy of your hand in marrage, because the fun would come from you finding that out yourself :p the whole point of dating is to find out the good and bad things about people... what would be the point in me just telling you!

  11. I'm 28, well over 6 foot, a fellow smoker, and I have a sense of humour but it's a bit of a lame one. As long as you consent to a pre-nup, and cook me something with chili and garlic in it I'll totally marry you.

    We don't have to live together or anything though, right? It's just I quite like my flat, and me and my housemate get on pretty well.

  12. Goodness me this is going to be fun to watch how this goes.

    I tick all of the boxes but don't know exactly how tall you are. Oh and I'm a Kiwi - but live in London. Oh yeah, almost forgot I am married too... daaamn. That might cause a few problems!

  13. my name is jacob dyer and i live in bristol. it is fantastic. i sound like barnaby bear. i like barnaby bear. one time he went to france. i went to france. but some kid burnt my neck. i didnt like it.

    marry me.

  14. In the style of Blind Date, I'm Chris from Barnsley and I come from the end of my cock.

    Somebody (probably someone important) said 'a drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts.' Well, I'm drunk, as you might expect at 3am on a Saturday.

    Anyhoos, I'd like to marry you. I'm male (penis and all); I'm 6 foot 3; and I have a sense of humour, albeit a bizarre one.

    So, errm, those are the credentials you asked for. In other news: I'm pretty, I'm a public health engineer (I know all there is to know about drainage), I'm financially solvent, I don't inhale solvents, I smoke 40 a day (sometimes menthols - depends on my mood, I'm afraid), I have a degree in Economics from York Uni, I shave off ALL pubic hair (there are enough STIs without worrying about crabs), I read the BBC News website daily, I'm currently enjoying a lovely gin and tonic, I love gin, I like Stella too, I just fancy G+T right now, I love sex (the weirder and more physically intrusive, the better), I've lived in Yorkshire all my life, my accent varies from University English (sober) to broad Barnsley (drunk), I'm addicted to TV documentaries about Nazi Germany and, although I never have a moustache, I like to experiment with varying levels of facial hair.

    As for romance? Darling: will you marry me or do you just fancy a shag?

    With all my love; a love that will echo throughout the ages,


  15. So what do you want us to do beyond say, "Hey, I fulfill what you ask of me"?

    As beyond everything:

    I won't pretend I'm a musician, but I play the accordion, piano, cello, and guitar.

    I won't pretend I'm a writer, but I do have this blog simply for writing in.

    I'm happy to include the fact that I am toting a moustache, I'm a physics major unsure whether to teach high school or go on into a masters, and that I'm full on Canadian who enjoys hockey, precambrian rock, and The Weakerthans.

    Since your stipulations did not specify location, I hope it's alright that I send this into you.

    Best of luck!

  16. Ach you're using a cat as a bra! Who could have a wife that doesn't realise that our furry friends are not the most supportive of undergarments!

  17. hey,

    messaged you on facebook, i'd love to know why you chose this avenue of assesment?!

    also, you do seem kinda kool.


  18. A.N.Other James5 March 2009 at 04:17

    Hey, another James here.

    I'm 23, I'm a musician and photographer. I live in Brighton

    I'm odd.

    I do.


  19. Hi My name is James, I live in cardiff, I have done my degree my masters and now doing my PhD in cardiff Too, I am 6 foot 4 and love a big bushy moustache....although dont have one! You know me and i know you! I cant marry you though cause you are my mate......I just had to write on here cause all these jims/james' made me want to write! Hope all is well! Hopefully see you soon! Pip x

  20. I like this. What an odd duck. Though really Alex, if you're going to go for gold, why not complete the exhibition with a divorce certificate?
    Best of luck, and watch out for herpes!